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ELEVATE has partnered with Regis University to bring the first full stack program to the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The Full Stack+ program goes beyond just web development and includes visualizations and mobile development.

The 16-week web and mobile development program kicks off in the Fall of 2017 and will feature four 4-week modules. Tuition is approximately $8,700 with fees, a considerable savings on this type of program. It’s twice the content at half the cost of similar programs.

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If you want to code with altitude, this is the program for you. It’s 16 weeks of fast-paced learning powered by Regis University.

4 modules:

  1. Web development: HTTP, CSS, Java, PHP, Javascript
  2. Web frameworks: jQuery, AngularJS, Single page apps, etc
  3. Web visualization frameworks: Flotr2, CartoDB, Kartograph, Vega, Dygraphs, Leaflet, D3
  4. Web mobile frameworks: Bootstrap, Ionic, jQuery Mobile, Xamarian, PhoneGap, etc.

It’s twice the content at a fraction of the cost.

You’ll graduate with a certificate in Web Development and earn 12 credit hours that can be applied to a masters degree. The cost is only $8,760 and financial aid is available through Regis University.

So, you’re in. Now, what? 

  • You need to apply (sign up for our email list and we’ll email you the online application once it’s ready!)
  • A bachelor’s degree (in anything! Get your transcripts and you’re on your way)
  • A passion and interest in coding and development
  • 4 months of your time for this accelerated progrtam

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